We produce a variety of noodle products

Fresh Egg Noodles

Our Fresh Egg Noodles are excellent for long soup, short soup or stir-fry with vegetables, seafood or meat. Creatively, you can cook it the same way as spaghetti, the soft texture and egg taste is adored by children.

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Chow Mien (Fresh Fried Noodles)

The soft noodle was the original noodle used in Chinese cuisine and it was called Chow Mein.Westernised Chinese food was brought to Australia and introduced through stir-fried noodle dishes. These tasty dishes have won the hearts and minds of Australians who continually enjoy Chinese food.

There is every chance you have already tasted Evergreen brand Fried Noodles at Chinese Restaurants, so why not be your own kitchen’s “noodle chef” and create a 5 star Chow Mien dish at home?

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Yang Chuen (Fresh Fine Noodles)

These noodles are associated with the freshness of early spring and are a name for the month of October. They are one of the most famous noodles in Shanghai, and their fresh wheat flavour means they can stand for themselves in a simple soup.

Their fine texture also makes them useful in stir- fries and a range of Asian soups. Being thin, they’re also very quick and easy to use in hot and spicy dishes that are full of flavour, such as laksa.

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Lei Mein Noodles

Lamien literally means “hand-pulled”. Lei Mein noodles are made by stretching and folding the dough into strands. This unique method of making noodles originated in China and has been described as early as 1504.

Depending on the number of times the dough gets folded, the strands can be made into various lengths and thicknesses. Evergreen brand Lei Mein noodles use modern production technology to create “hand-made “ textured noodles which are supplied to high-quality restaurants around Australia.

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